About Us

The Developer and Project Management

This project was developed and managed by Pacifica Urbana Mazatlan Inc. SA DE CV, a Mexican corporation located in Mazatlan, Mexico. The team is led by Sam Ariss, Project Manager and Developer, who is based in San Diego California. Sam is the president of Pacifica Urbana Mazatlan Inc.

Sam Ariss has a highly educated background which includes graduate degrees in both engineering and business finance and management with over 30 years of experince.  Also, he is the president and real estate broker for SRA Real Estate Services, Inc., A real estate brokerage licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. Sam specializes in development of high quality residential projects. Among his accomplishments is Vesper Grove Estates, a custom homes development in Valley Center, California. Also, Sam completed a 22 townhomes project pre-development in Escondido, California for a group of investors.

Jacobo Henderson, a bi-lingual Architect and project manager, born and raised in Mazatlan, Mexico, assisted Sam in managing the construction. Jacobo helped in keeping the project’s construction to spec, on budget and on time. 

Our Professional Team Of Engineers and Consultants
Our distinguished professional engineering team was lead by both Jesus Tirado Loaiza, Civil Engineer, who was also the manager of budgets and costs for El Cid Resorts and civil engineering professor, and Jose Perez Toledo, Architect, who was also projects manager and supervisor for El Cid Resorts. El Cid is one of the largest developers and owner of resorts and residential developments in both Mazatlan and other cities in Mexico.

Our engineers are among the leading project managers for the booming resorts’ construction in Mazatlan.